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Are you into snowboarding, skateboarding, or surf boarding? A true boarding enthusiast doesn't care about his or her boarding element, all he or she cares about is the excitement of pelting along on water, snow, or solid earth on a board. We have the best gear a boarding enthusiast needs, all in one place; apparel, the boards, sports watches, top of the line backpacks, accessory bags and much more from the leading surf,skate, snow brands!

Are you a beginner snowboarder? Do you know which board length is best for you, the longer board, or the shorter board with more flex? Do you plan on cruising the mountain, rather than hitting the parks right away? What about the correct boots, bindings, goggles, the right gear that'll hold well in cold temperatures? Are you a freestyler or all mountain rider? Come to snowboards Dubai, we're the right people to help you find the best equipment and accessories for your snowboarding passion.

Surfboards lifestyle Dubai carries tee shirts , board shorts ,sunglasses, from trendsetter brands....

Ahoy there skateboarding lovers in the Middle East! Whether you're based in the UAE, Dubai or any other nation in the Middle East, you want to hit the rail or the streets. We understand your need, which is why we carry top brand skateboards? We've got them. Bearings, tools, wheels and trucks for your skateboard? We've got those too. A neat cap and perhaps a top of the line backpack or belt? We've got all those too! So why wait? Check out skateboards Dubai specials today!

We carry boards, apparel, bags and accessories from international brands such as Burton, Gravis, Analog, Anon, Dragon sunglass, Freestyle watch, Habitat, Girl, Alien Workshop and several more. Circle8 will be your last stop for skateboarding, snowboarding and surfboarding in the Middle East and UAE; your boarding passion comes full circle here.