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Dhs. 480.00

CLYDE combines exceptional design, best optical characteristics and highest wearing comfort to your new favourite ski goggles. The frameless lens provides unrestricted vision and is particularly suitable for bad weather.

Frame: TPU

TPU polyurethane has high wear and abrasion resistance as well as high low-temperature flexibility and resistance to oils and greases.

Lens: Cylindrical

The cylindrical lens has a flatter optic than the spherical lens, but still scores with excellent peripheral vision.

100% UVA & UVB protection


Lenses with our I°BOOST technology provide intensive contrasts, brilliant colours and razor-sharp vision.


Our innovative F°SCAPE Anti-Fog Technology uses tiny, micro-etched channels on the lens surface to ensure that condensed water is drained immediately and the lens does not fog up.


Our FREE°D technology corrects refractions and prevents optical distortion.