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Wakeboarding Gear: What You Need

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Wakeboarding Gear: What You Need

We can all agree that wakeboarding is fun as hell. But having the right gear can make it even more fun -- and more importantly, safer.

Here are the wakeboarding essentials that all riders need:

1. Wakeboard and Bindings — Of course, it is always better to have your own board. The right board for your level, weight and riding preference can make a big difference.

If you are looking to buy your first wakeboard, we have put together a little beginner’s guide to help you pick the right board for you!

2. Impact Vest — Wakeboarding without an impact vest is not only harder -- because you lose the jacket’s buoyancy -- but it is also extremely dangerous. An impact vest will help you to stay afloat and protect your entire front-upper body (like your ribs) from getting injured the first time you face plant!

If you're buying your impact vest from an established brand, you don’t have to worry about much except the size. Just pick one that is comfortable but also tight enough so it does not come off easily.

3. Helmet — Shredding without a helmet, now that’s an outdated trend that needs to be fully purged! For most people it is a no-brainer to wear a helmet when riding at a cable park, but it is equally necessary to wear a helmet when riding behind a boat.

(IMPORTANT: A bike helmet — or other kinds of helmets — will not do the trick. Not only are wakeboard helmets lighter, they are also ventilated and water-resistant.)

 Other Non-essential Gear to Consider:

  • Gloves: If you’re looking for extra grip and protection, consider investing in a pair of wakeboard gloves.
  • Rope and Handle: A good wakeboard rope should almost have zero stretch. When buying a rope, look at its material, length and handle.
  • Wakeboard Bag: Pretty self-explanatory, not much to say here except that having a bag for all your wakeboarding gear will probably make your life easier.

So, to sum it up, to shred at a water park or behind a boat, you will need a wakeboard with bindings, an impact vest, and a helmet.

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