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Dhs. 745.00

Red Bull SPECT Eyewear presents a brand new motocross goggle in collaboration with the FMX World Champion, Luc Ackermann. Meet STRIVE — cutting edge goggles that expand the field of vision by 15 percent compared to others, thanks to their thin frame and innovative Pano Vision system, the missing link between high-performance and cylindrical lenses. The LINK double lenses are laminated together, offering a panoramic field of vision by skipping the additional foam layer that creates the airspace. Welcome to no reflections, no distortions and no refractions! In addition, the Ultra-AF inner lens withstands fogging over 180 seconds. So, now you're equipped with the ultimate goggles, time to pick a trail and gear up for the dirt! 

Material: Lens — Polycarbonate; Frame —TPU 

  • Innovative Pano Vision system with LINK double lenses, offering a panoramic field of vision
  • Ultra-Anti Fog inner lens withstands fogging over 180 seconds and exceeds the required standards of 30 seconds by factor 6 
  • Lens made from impact-resistant polycarbonate material that exceeds optical grade quality and provides enhanced contrasts and glare reduction 
  • Frame made from TPU, which retains softness in all temperatures and fits the face without gaps 
  • Air vents covered with thin PU foam to ensure ample ventilation and protection against mud/water.
  • Noseguard with easy click on/off
  • Four-layer face foam for stability, comfort, reduced sweating/chaffing and easy replacement of damaged/dirty layers
  • Red Bull SPECT pouch included