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SONIC is a fashion statement, for which sunshine is not necessarily required because these sunglasses enhance your natural radiance turning night into day. The SONIC is brand new on the market in 2020, with this eyewear, you are at the cutting-edge of trends. 

The unisex Red Bull SPECT model makes no distinction between men and women. Wearing full rim eyewear, you make it unmistakably clear that you are going the whole hog. Plastic is a very lightweight and flexible material. This ensures long life and a high level of comfort. Black eyeglasses are a must-have. They can be combined with anything and refine any style. Whether at your desk, in a club, or at a fashion show - black always fits. Orange colored lenses are particularly suitable in situations where a higher contrast is important. But if you are exposed to very strong sunlight, darker lenses are more advisable. Functionally, you are, of course, on the safe side, too. With 100% UV eye protection, the sun can immediately start shining. Whether driving or out on the slopes, your own safety sometimes depends on your angle of vision. The polarizing lenses in this model block the glare from reflecting surfaces, such as water, glass or snow and best sight is guaranteed.

The Sonic is the perfect any day frame. The lightweight and sporty frame with a base-8 curve deliver an ideal fit, while the polarised lenses provide superb visual clarity to help you make the most of the view. Welcome to your new favourite lifestyle sunglasses!

Material: Lens - Polycarbonate Frame - TR90 Red Bull SPECT Sunglasses Sonic Frame colour: Black Red Bull SPECT Eyewear logo on the arm Lenses: Smoke Completely polarised polycarbonate lenses with 100% UV protection A lightweight frame with a base-8 curve for the perfect fit Unisex